Blending/layering of multiple sources of funding for non-profit corporations for housing populations with special needs.

Innovations for Non-Profit Corporations relating to Financing and Housing

  • Facilitating Multiple-Source Funding for Non-Profit Corporations

When we started working HUD-202 and HUD-811 projects, it quickly became apparent that these programs were becoming progressively more under-funded and that other fund sources would have to be acquired and integrated with the HUD funding to make these projects a success. As a result we have become expert at dealing with facilitating and coordinating Government-based projects with multiple sources of funding, particularly in the blending/layering of funds. In recent years we have become regionally well-known for this ability. We have applied this expertise to a variety of projects, most recently to preservation of subsidized facilities and conversion to permanent housing for homeless HIV/Aids. We are also expert at creating new non-profit corporations, building board capacity and technical assistance. We always welcome worthy projects with a challenge.

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