We have developed HUD-202 and HUD-811 Projects in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Innovations for Non-Profit Corporations relating to Financing and Housing

  • HUD-202 and HUD-811 Projects

For over 20 years C F Systems has acted as developer (consultant) for HUD-202 (Housing for Low-Income Elderly) and HUD-811 (Housing for Disabled). We have served in this capacity for around 45 projects with many hundreds of units and we have had a more minor role in many others. Many of the projects are in rural areas or smaller towns but some are in larger cities in three states. We still do 202s and 811s when there is a particular challenge to be met or when the project has some special importance to us.

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An Application for a HUD-202 (housing for elderly) or HUD-811 (housing for disabled) facility may receive what is known as a "technical rejection," and Applicants should be aware of this possibility. While Applicants must always face the possibility of loss in fair competition with other Applicants, in such a loss the Applicant will at least learn how the Application rated compared to others and where the weak points of the Application lie. With a technical rejection, the Application is not even scored. Instead of a lesson that has become so expensive that few non-profits can afford it, the $5,000 to $15,000 out-of-pocket expenses now required just to file an Application becomes a total loss. Where the landowner might be persuaded to wait a year and allow a second chance on a strong Application that just barely lost, a technical rejection is generally taken as a zero and nearly always kills the plan and the hope of salvaging any of the expenditures for a second chance. We previously had posted a page with a detailed explanation of the technical rejection process and how it had been abused by some HUD offices, with detailed examples, but more we recently we believe that this is becoming much less common. For that reason we have removed that page. Accordingly, as we evaluate that change we would like to hear from you if you are aware of recent abuses.

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