Meet a researcher in applied mathematics related to sound and vision and a regionally recognized leader working with non-profit corporations.

Innovations in Applied Mathematics relating to Sight and Sound.

Innovations for Non-Profit Corporations relating to Financing and Housing

  • About C F Systems

C F Systems is a “Mom and Pop” company with a difference - both Mom and Pop have become known as innovators in their respective fields. Mom has a Master’s in economics from the University of Tennessee and Pop has a Ph. D. in engineering from Carnegie. When C F Systems was started in 1977, Pop soon found that he was a pioneer – in his field he was the only full-time self-employed consultant in the Southeast. From the start C F Systems was not intended to grow into large company, but to remain as a vehicle serving the changing interests of the principals. Throughout our history it has been our policy to seek out the challenging and to pursue that which has not been done before. This has worked well and in more recent years Pop has devoted time to areas of particular personal interest, research in applied mathematics related to sound and vision. These web pages describe some inventions that have resulted, including a major breakthrough in signal processing. Mom has always been very active in community affairs and as time and family obligations permitted she also became a consultant in an area close to her heart. She is now a regionally recognized leader working with non-profit corporations in the areas of finance and housing. These web pages describe her current interests and some of the considerable results of her efforts.

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