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MakeTiff is a program which converts camera RAW image files into the linear TIFF files that will read properly as ColorPerfect PerfectRAW requires. If you already have a favorite RAW conversion program, please do not assume it will work properly with PerfectRAW even if it is supposed to produce linear TIFF files. Getting the proper conversion is very tricky - current software is full of unannounced color tweaks intended to improve the image but which in this case will ruin it. Try MakeTiff first, then if you wish, run a series of comparisons with your favorite. If you still prefer your favorite, fine - it is possible, just very unlikely. MakeTiff uses a combination of three applications that are freely available on the web. The situation with RAW images has become strained enough that the mention of these tools may cause some readers to throw up their hands in exasperation, so let us first assure you that our use of these tools is minimal and of what you might call an accounting nature. It gets the data through to so that ColorPerfect can work with it. MakeTiff uses Adobe DNG Converter for three things it does well, recognizing a wide variety of cameras, doing the required Bayer interpolation, and the passing through camera exif data in a form that will reach ColorPerfect. DCRAW is used for taking the DNG and producing a good, standard linear TIFF file that Photoshop and other editors will read properly. ExifTool reorganizes the camera EXIF data into a more usable form. Note that it is possible to use MakeTiff without Adobe DNG Converter, with DCRAW performing the tasks that Adobe DNG Converter would have done. There may be a few cases in which this actually works better, but we do not encourage it in general.

Click for a detailed description of MakeTiff, its features, and how it works.

MakeTiff is free for all registered users of ColorPerfect but it is against our free license for anyone else to use it for any other purpose than evaluating the trial version of ColorPerfect. If you have your own favorite RAW conversion program, it is unlikely that it will produce files suitable for PerfectRAW even if it says it will produce linear tiff files. Being of linear gamma is only one of two requirements. The second requirement is that all input for PerfectRAW must be completely untouched in terms of color. If you intend to try another workflow please check your results working several images using both your favorite and MakeTiff. With a MakeTiff-produced tiff file, PerfectRAW will work very much like the ColorPerfect ColorPos Mode does with other positive images except that for proper operation PerfectRAW requires on its start panel that you select a Color Space matching the one used for the current image. If you did not assign any particular Color Space you need to select the default Working Space of your photo editor.

The names Adobe DNG Converter, DCRAW, and ExifTool and the products to which they refer are the property of their respective organizations and individuals. Complete acknowledgement of this is contained in the MakeTiff download.

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