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Privacy Policy

We at C F Systems place a high value on Internet privacy. It is difficult – but not impossible – to find our own names, personal e-mail addresses, or street address on this site. We pay that same degree of attention to your Internet privacy. We leave no cookies and use no Java or scripts to collect information from your computer. We only know who you are if you e-mail us, and we maintain no bulk e-mailing lists. If you e-mail us, any resulting e-mail you receive will be individual attention to what you have written to us. Also, there is no reason for us to remain anonymous when making such replies. We neither sell, post, or otherwise distribute e-mail address lists. You can be confident in sending us e-mail.

E-mail Us

The e-mail address listed just above (and found several other places on these pages) is always the currently active one. However, this active e-mail address will be changed from time to time to foil spammers. We suggest that you do not save this e-mail address; instead go through the web site if you wish contact us at some time in the future.

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