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These photographs are from my recent day-to-day life. 22 of the original 30 were taken in my house or yard and only three are from outside the small town where I live. The pictures come from a variety of digital cameras, point-and-shoot to micro four-thirds to dSLR. All are from RAW files processed with ColorPerfect/MakeTiff/PerfectRAW and I spent no more than a few minutes preparing any one of them. So, they do not pretend to be little masterpieces and I am not a professional photographer.

My hope is that when you see these images you will be seeing much the same thing that I do. Unfortunately with the vagaries of web presentation that may or may not be the case. The images are set to an sRGB profile, limiting in itself but as close to a web standard as there is, and there is always the lightness/darkness problem. Whether you like the individual images I do hope that the realistic color from the range of different cameras comes through.

As some readers will be aware, I have a very long history of working with color negatives. There are actually three different color negative images each of which I took over 50 years ago that are on the C F Systems pages. In the past decade I developed and produced the ColorPerfect/ColorNeg plug-in in order to have a good tool for working with color negatives. Until very recently I continued to take color negative film images whenever I wanted to be sure of a good result because the results from digital cameras were just not of the same quality. But now I find that since we first completed PerfectRAW I have not taken a single color negative image. That has not been intentional - PerfectRAW color has made the difference.

David Dunthorn

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